camino santiago

Camino Santiago

‘The Way of Saint James,’ or in Spanish, ‘El Camino de Santiago,’ is one of the most important pilgrimages in the Catholic world. The actual pilgrimage itself stretches across northern Spain, from the French border, all the way to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, on the Spanish western coast, near the mighty Atlantic Ocean. […]


running with the bulls

Running With The Bulls

The ‘Running With The Bulls’ has a very long, and proud tradition in some parts of Spain. This festival, and extremely dangerous sporting event, has gained a lot of fame, and a bit of notoriety in Pamplona, which is located in the autonomous community of Navarra, in northern Spain. Bull running events are held in […]


wind mills and don quixote

Wind Mills and Don Quixote

Southern Spain, and Andalusia especially, is known as the land of windmills. The reason for this is pretty simply. There happens to be a lot of strong, and steady wind in the region, coming off the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, blowing through the south of Spain. The idea of windmills on the Iberian Peninsula was […]


spanish cycling

Spanish Cycling

For a European country, Spain is fairly big. It’s also the second most mountainous nation in the Europe. In addition to that fact, there are kilometers upon kilometers of shoreline and coastal roads. What this means for biking enthusiasts, regardless if they prefer the feel of pavement beneath their tires, or rugged dirt on the […]


Queso Manchego

The Tradition of Queso Manchego

If you go to the La Mancha region in central Spain, home to the famous Don Quixote, you’ll have the pleasure of tasting queso Manchego, or Manchego cheese. Of course, you can sample this cheese in other parts of the country, and even abroad, but there is nothing like nibbling on the real thing in […]


loteria de navidad

Loteria de Navidad, The Spanish Christmas Lottery

If you are in Spain on December 22, you might notice something out of the ordinary. It may seem that every radio and television, in every bar and home across the land, is tuned to the same channel. Over the course of three hours, the airwaves will be filled with the sound of singing – […]


esparo weaving

The Art of Esparto Weaving

Some say that the art of weaving esparto grasses is dying out, as younger generations of Spanish have been drawn away from spending their free time making traditional handicrafts by new technology and the modern world. However, look a little closer and you’ll discover that esparto is still widely used, and was even adopted by […]


la rioja

La Rioja

An anonymous Spanish saying says, “Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.” Luckily for Spaniards and wine enthusiasts around the world, almost all Spanish wine is good wine. And rightly so! Spain is the world’s third largest producer of wine, plus it devotes more of its land to wine production than any […]



The Siesta

There’s nothing better than taking a little time out of our hectic daily schedule to relax. In fact, most European nations have mastered the technique of taking a mid-afternoon break from work to sit down with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. Take for instance English afternoon tea. Although nowadays considerably fewer Britons […]




¡Olé! This is a common cheer that spectators chant to applaud bullfights. To this day, bullfighting remains a popular spectacle in Portugal, Southern France and especially numerous regions in Spain. In fact, nearly 75% of Spanish provinces enjoy bullfighting as millions of citizens and visitors attend a spectacle every year. However, it does have its […]


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